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RV-8/8A builders with pre-punched fuselage kits from Van's (shipped since 2007) do NOT need to purchase an installation kit, only a fuel pump Airflow Performance Fuel Pump and filter Airflow Performance Fuel Filter .

This auxiliary pump is designed to be installed in series with the engine driven fuel pump. API requires that P/N 2090255 auxiliary pump be mounted in the aircraft behind the firewall. This will keep the pump in a cooler environment and will tend to keep vapor lock and hot operation problems to a minimum.

RV-6/7/9 builders will need : RV-6/6A/7/7A/9/9A Fuel Injection Fuel Pump and Installation Kit

The installation kit includes one HIGH pressure Airflow Performance electric pump, one Airflow Perfonnance filter and the necessary components to install both in the RV-6/7/9A for fuel injected Lycoming engines.

RV-10 builders: No return line is necessary with the -1 pump, so the fuel system plumbing is easier compared to the earlier version. The kit below simplifies the install with the new -1 pump.

Order : RV-10 Fuel Pump and Filter Kit

RV-14 fuselage kits include a pump and filter.

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