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RV-8/8A builders with pre-punched fuselage kits from Van's (shipped since 2007) do NOT need to purchase an installation kit, only a fuel pump ES AIRFLOW PUMP-1 and filter ES AIRFLOW FILTER .

This auxiliary pump is designed to be installed in series with the engine driven fuel pump. API requires that P/N 2090255 auxiliary pump be mounted in the aircraft behind the firewall. This will keep the pump in a cooler environment and will tend to keep vapor lock and hot operation problems to a minimum.

RV-6/7/9 builders will need : 7/7A F.I.PUMP KIT-1

The installation kit includes one HIGH pressure Airflow Performance electric pump, one Airflow Perfonnance filter and the necessary components to install both in the RV-6/7/9A for fuel injected Lycoming engines.

RV-10 builders: No return line is necessary with the -1 pump, so the fuel system plumbing is easier compared to the earlier version. The kit below simplifies the install with the new -1 pump.

Order : 10 F.I. PUMP KIT

RV-14 fuselage kits include a pump and filter.

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