RV-6/6A/7/7A/9/9A Fuel Injection Fuel Pump and Installation Kit

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For Fuel Injected Lycoming Engines

The installation kit includes one HIGH pressure Airflow Performance electric pump, one Airflow Perfonnance filter and the necessary components to install both in the RV-6/6A/7/7A/9/9A for fuel injected Lycoming engines.

The components mount forward of the fuel selector and the kit includes a cover.

  • (2) AT0-035X3/8X18 view
  • (1) BAG 605-1 view
  • (1) DOC F.I.INSTALL INSTR view
  • (1) ES AIRFLOW FILTER view
  • (1) ES AIRFLOW PUMP-1 view
  • (1) F-7115A view
  • (1) F-7115B-L view
  • (1) F-7115B-R view
  • (1) F-7115C view
  • (1) RUBBER CHANNEL X 10 view
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