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Autopilot & Knob Modules

An optional add-on to the Skyview system, these modules provide a direct way to input settings and control the autopilot, rather than working through the screen menus. Works with both Touchscreen and standard Skyview screens. Kit includes both modules, wiring harness, template to modify center panel, hardware and instructions. Requires operation of the autopilot in Expert mode. Requires Dynon Skyview autopilot servo kit RV-12 AP SERVO KIT-SV .

Retrofit applications should cut the existing panel using the supplied template to avoid removal of the engine controls. If your RV-12 has the older Conversion harnesses for Finish kits shipped prior to 2012, these modules cannot be easily installed - Van's does not have the necessary schematic and instructions to adapt the older wiring harnesses.

These modules will not work with the European Avionics kit that utilizes the GTR-225 COM radio. There is insufficient panel space.

  • (1) AV SV-AP/KNOB PANEL view
  • (1) BAG 2875 view
    • (0.005) AN426AD3-4 view
    • (1) ES HST-3/16X1' view
    • (8) MS21071L06 view
    • (16) RIVET CCR-264SS-3-2 view
  • (1) DOC 12 MAN SECT 58 view
  • (1) F-00073 view
  • (1) WH-00105 view
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