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Autopilot Servos

A great safety addition to your RV-12, an autopilot makes cross country flying more relaxed with less fatigue. Kits provide all parts and hardware necessary to install a full-featured, dual axis autopilot into the RV-12.

Two autopilot kits are available for both the D-180 EFIS RV-12 Autopilot and Install Kit , and this kit for the later Skyview EFIS.

The Skyview system is controlled directly from the EFIS screen with no AP74 panel module required. Both systems allow the pilot to select magnetic heading, GPS ground track, or fly a flight plan stored in the GPS. Vertical speed and altitude can be selected. Safe airspeeds, bank angle and G load limitations are all included, along with an emergency 180 degree turn capability, and voice alerts.

Easy electrical hook up - wiring is already installed in the RV-12 fuselage for the servos.

  • (1) AT6-058X5/16X9 view
  • (1) BAG 2740 view
    • (0.01) AN426AD3-3.5 view
  • (1) BAG 592-1 view
  • (1) BAG 593-2 view
    • (4) BEARING M3414M view
    • (1) ES 421-0108 CONNECTOR view
    • (7) ES-00003 view
    • (9) ES-00005 view
    • (15) ES-00006 view
    • (2) ES-00009 view
    • (2) ES-00010 view
    • (1) F-00072 view
    • (2) NAS1149FN832P view
    • (2) PLASTIC TIE WRAP 14" view
    • (2) PLASTIC TIE WRAP 4" view
    • (3) PLASTIC TIE WRAP 8" view
    • (4) WASHER 5702-475-48 Z3 view
  • (1) DOC 12 AP SERVO KIT view
  • (1) ES-00103 view
  • (1) IF DYNON AP SV32-12 view
  • (1) WH-00049 view
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