Parking Brake Install Kit for PV-1 and PV-2 Valves

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This kit from RV builder David Ward provides an easy way to install and plumb a parking brake valve in the RV-10. It may also be adapted for use in other RVs.

You will also need to buy the valve ( Parking Brake Valve ), and a CT A-740 BLACK - Bowden Push/Pull Cable, Black or

cable to operate the valve, which can be ordered separately (builders may use their own choice of choke-type actuator cable).

Not suitable for use in the RV-12. 

Manufactured by Airward, Inc.


BAG 1:

One (1) Parking Brake Adapter with Arm

Two (2) MS21071L3 Nut Plates

Four (4) MS20426AD3-4 Countersunk Rivets

Two (2) MS24693C28 Screw

Two (2) MS21042-06 Nut

BAG 2:

Two (2) AN3-12A Bolt

One (1) MS21919WDG-2 Clamp

One (1) AN3-4A Bolt.

Three (3) AN960-10L Washer

One (1) MS21044N3 Nut

Two (2) MS24693C3 Screw

Six (6) MS20426AD3-4 Countersunk Rivet

Six (6) CCC-32 Countersunk Pull Rivet

One (1) 05-16245 Cable B Nut Attach Clamp

BAG 3:

Two (2) AN816-4D (AS5194D0402) Nipples *

Two (2) MS20822-4D Nipples

One (1) Loctite 567 Thread Sealant

*These Nipples were designed for installation on RV-10 with 4" Aluminum Brake Lines. If you are installing on other Van's Kits or Experimental Kits you may require Nipples for use on 1/4" Plastic/Teflon Brake Lines. If so, give us a call/email and we will exchange (as long as you haven't used them) for the appropriate Nipples.


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