CT A-740 BLACK - Bowden Push/Pull Cable, Black

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Simple Detented Push-Pull Cable
Cable for Carb Heat, Cabin Heat, etc.

The Bowden cable has many uses. May be used as cabin heat control, carb heat or alternate air and purge valve control in fuel injected versions of the engine. The cable is a push-pull with a detent to keep the cable from creeping.

72” from mounting surface to the end of the cable and the only difference between CT A-740 BLACK and CT A-740 RED is the color of the knob and the price.

Don't forget CT A-740 CABLE CLAMP for securing cable sheething.

Used in these kits
RV-12, RV-12iS
Customer Questions
Is this a .125 diameter thru the firewall? I am looking to order the firewall fitting since I do not believe it comes with the FWF kit?

The "CT A-740 CABLE CLAMP" is designed specifically to fit this cable. it can be used as a firewall passthrough or a clamp to attach the end of the cable sheath to a fixed point.

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