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The industry standard spring cleco with a 0-1/4" grip range.

Spring-loaded fasteners temporarily hold layers of sheet metal tightly together for drilling, adjustments and rivet installation.

Van's Aircraft stocks 3 diameters.

  • TOOL CL332 is 3/32
  • TOOL CL18 is 1/8
  • TOOL CL316 is 3/16
  • Color-coded for easy identification. Install and remove these spring clecos with cleco pliers or the pneumatic spring cleco installation and removal tool.

    12 of TOOL CL316 is the minimum necessary to build a two-place RV, but it's impossible to have too many. Quickbuilders may get by with fewer...but ending up short is frustrating and they aren't that expensive.

    Made in USA.

    Used in these kits
    RV-3, RV-4, RV-6, RV-6A, RV-7, RV-7A, RV-8, RV-8A, RV-9, RV-9A, RV-10, RV-12, RV-12iS, RV-14, RV-14A
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