U-00026 Brake Caliper O-ring

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-40 to +400 degrees Fahrenheit, used on standard equipment in the RV-10 kit. Be sure to check your specific application needs for the brakes installed on your aircraft. Refer to Service Letter SL-00047 for additional information about the replacement of prior version O-ring types.

U-00026 is a 75 durometer, black, FKM (Viton®) o-ring. This product is a USA AS568-224 size and has a cross-section of 3.53mm (0.139in) and an inside diameter of 44.04mm (1.734in). It is made from the compound V1038 or V1005.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Size Code: 224
Cross Section: 0.139 in (3.53 mm)
Inside Diameter: 1.734 in (44.04 mm)
Outside Diameter: 2.012 in (51.10 mm)
Part Number: V1005-224
Compound: V1005 
Material Type: FKM (Viton®) 
Sub Type: GLT Low Temp. Type 
High Temp: 400 °F (205 °C)
Low Temp: -40 °F (-40 °C)
Compliance: QPL
Hardness: 75 Shore A
Color: Black



Used in these kits
Inner Diameter (decimal)
V1005 or V1038
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