T-00007C Fuel Cap Locking

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Deluxe Fuel Cap

The T-00007C caps are like those used on the RV-14. Made from gray plastic (may be painted) pair with red anodized aluminum flange( T-00007B Fuel Cap Flange ).

These may be used on all RVs (except RV-12). The prepunched hole in the tank skin will need to be enlarged slightly.

2 fuel caps are required per airplane.

Customer Questions
Do they come with one key that matches both locks or with 2 different keys? Do RV10s now use the same caps as 14s? Meaning, can I use these?

Each cap ships with two keys, if you order a set they will be keyed alike. All of the RV models transitioned from the T-406 cap to the T-00007 cap in wing kits shipped since late 2017 to early 2018. 

Can these be used on completed fuel tanks? If not, how can I get fuel caps to replace the ones that came in 2017 as part of the RV-10 wing kit?

All fuel tanks (excluding RV-12 legacy) shipped since late 2017 to early 2018 now use the T-00007 type fuel cap and flange. Earlier kits shipped with the T-406 cap and flange. These are not interchangeable. The hole diameter for the original T-406 in...

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