SB-00058 - RV-12iS HIC Module Replacement Kit

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This product is only available to builders of RV-12iS.

Kit containing parts described in SB-00058 to allow exchange of the original style HIC module with the new AV-60009-2 HIC Module. This is a safety-related service bulletin. Note that these parts are already included in RV-12iS avionics kits shipped since August 2022. This kit is available only to owners of affected RV-12iS aircraft.

Intermittent and low fuel pressure readings have been reported in a small number of RV-12iS aircraft due to potentially loose contacts in the 8-pin Molex connector that attaches to the AV-60009(-1) HIC Module. Complying with this service bulletin equips aircraft with a new AV-60009-2 HIC Module, which eliminates this 8-pin Molex connector.

Please refer to safety/service document SB-00058 for installation/exchange details. Per the instructions in that document, if the existing wire harness is not long enough to reach the new connector/module after retrofit, call Van's to order one each of WH-00146-1 wire harness extension.

Used in these kits
  • (2) AN526C632R6 view
  • (1) AV-60009-2 view
  • (1) ES-796859-8
  • (5) MS21042-06 view
  • (5) NAS1149FN632P view
  • (1) TOOL-00114
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