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Add Electric Elevator Trim to Your RV

Add Electric Elevator Trim to Your RV

Electric elevator trim can be added to most elevators (except the RV-3). This removes the trim cable from the cockpit. Usually installed during initial construction, but with careful work may be retro-fitted to finished aircraft. A small servo (ES MSTS-8A) mounted in the elevator moves the standard trim tab. Elevator must be rebalanced after installation. Weighs about the same as manual trim, but may move the cg slightly aft. Trim works best when controlled from the stick grips (GRIP 1" MASTER LEFT or RIGHT)) above.  In addition, a servo relay deck (ES MSTS SRD) is needed when used with the GRIPS and possibly a servo speed control (ES MSTS-SSC) unit.

Kits include all hardware and servo system.

Used in these kits
RV-9, RV-9A
  • (1) BAG 937-1 view
    • (0.02) AN426AD3-3 view
    • (7) AN507-6R8 view
    • (7) K1100-06 view
    • (4) MS21044N04 view
    • (4) MS35206-215 view
  • (1) EET-602B-L view
  • (1) EET-602B-R view
  • (1) ES MSTS-8A view
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