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EA-7/9 KIT
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Add Electric Aileron Trim to Your RV

Add Electric Aileron Trim to Your RV

The RV-7/7A,8/8A,9/9A, use a spring bias style of electric aileron trim. The servo is mounted below the seating areas of the airframe. The system  applies trim forces directly to the control column and can be retrofit or installed during fuselage manufacture. No external tabs are required.

Current builder/pilots of the RV-4 and 6/6A can adapt these spring bias systems for the 8/8A and 7/9A respectively. We no longer have kits for the older trim kits which utilized a hinged tab on the aileron trailing edge.

  • (1) BAG 600 view
  • (1) BAG 601 view
    • (1) AN3-17A view
    • (2) AN365-1032 view
    • (4) AN365-632A view
    • (0.01) AN426AD3-3.5 view
    • (1) AN509-10R18 view
    • (2) AN509-8R8 view
    • (4) AN515-6R8 view
    • (2) K1100-08 view
    • (2) MS20392-1C9 view
    • (2) MS21051-L08 view
    • (2) MS24665-132 view
    • (1) MS24665-153 view
    • (2) NAS1149F0363P view
    • (1) NAS1149F0863P view
    • (8) NAS1149FN632P view
    • (2) SPRING 3/8X2 EXTEN. view
  • (1) DOC EA-7/9 KIT view
  • (1) ES MSTS-6A view
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