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Convert From Manual to Electric Flaps

Electric Flap Conversion Kits

Convert From Manual to Electric Flaps

Convert from manual to electric flaps in the RV-6/6A. Standard on the RV-10/7/8/9A and the RV-6/6A Quickbuilds. Eliminates the "where do I put the elbow?"! Simple, reliable, light motor/worm gear unit with built-in clutch raises or lowers the flaps in about 7 seconds. Current flap actuator can be modified by welding provided components to existing weldment. Installation adds about 1 1/2 to 2 pounds to aircraft weight. This is one electric option endorsed by Van!

  • (1) EF-601 view
  • (1) EF-602 view
  • (1) EF-607-L view
  • (1) EF-607-R view
  • (1) RV-6 EF COMMON BAG view
    • (1) AA6-063X3/4X3/4X6 view
    • (1) BAG 926-3 view
    • (1) DOC RV-6/6A ELEC FLAP view
    • (1) EF-604 view
    • (1) ES 85615-157-1 view
    • (1) WIRE #18X20' view
  • (3) WD-411C
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