RV-14/14A Flap Positioner

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One-Touch Solution to Flap Management

One-Touch Solution to Flap Management

The FPS lets you stay focused on flying the aircraft safer with one touch control. Flap positions are pre-selected with one touch, then automatically retracted with one touch without the need for visual monitoring of flap positioning progress. Infinite Flap retracting positions can be manually selected if desired.

Premium quality design components, with workmanship that is safe, sturdy, and long lasting. Brackets are CNC machined from tough Billet 6061 aluminum. Incorporates reliable printed-circuit with integrated high-quality relays for safe, fail-proof operation. All wire is military spec Tefzel.

FPS Advantages

Three-position switch stops at approximately 10, 20, and 40 degrees (degrees of travel varies with aircraft type).

Flaps return to full-up position in one touch and the circuit shuts off the flap motor automatically.

Allows pilot to stay focused on flying the airplane with both hands, without the need to keep a hand on the switch, or monitor flap progress.

Complete kit is ready for installation, including everything required for a professional, factory-like install, with minimal to no modifications to your airframe. Comprehensive step-by-step instructions provide a thoroughly tested install procedure, normally requiring an average of just four to six hours.

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