IO-540 Oil Cooler

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Traditional Harrison/Stewart Warner Style Oil Cooler

PMA'd. Thirteen tube style suitable for either 4 cylinder Lycomings like the IO-360(200 hp) operated in extremely high ambient temperature locations or engines like the 6 cylinder I(O)-540 used in the RV-10 (unit is included in Firewall Forward Kits for the RV-10).

Size 8 1/4" x 7" x 3 5/8". Weight 2.94 lbs.

3/8" NPT ports. Unit will not fit on the engine baffle. In order to firewall mount this unit you will need to purchase a RV-10 Oil Cooler Mount firewall mounting frame, a 4" Flanged Duct baffle duct, an appropriate length of 4" scat, and some miscellaneous hardware.

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