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Safety First!

This kit comes standard with all RV-10 kits since 2015.

The Door Latch Indicator system was designed to help the Pilot verify if each door is securely latched after being
closed. The system consists of two magnetic reed switches for each door, one for each pin socket in the
doorjamb. A cylindrical magnet is installed in the end of each latch pin to activate the reed switch when the pin
has reached its proper latched position. A Light Emitting Diode (LED) mounted at a clearly visible location on the
instrument panel is used to show the status of each door latch. The reed switches are connected in series so if
either pin is not properly engaged through the Cabin Pin Block, the LED will light, indicating an improperly latched
door. Because the reed switches have a normally closed state when the door is latched, relays are used to
reverse the switch action so that the light turns on when a switch opens.

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