RV-10 3-Piece Cowl Inlet Plug Set

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Cowl inlet plugs designed to fit your RV-10.


Cowl Inlet Plugs

Designed to Fit Your RV-10

Cowl plugs are designed to fit the air intakes of your RV. The plugs fit snugly into each intake and the scoop and provide protection against the elements and bird/rodent nesting. Each set of plugs is manufactured from high quality, marine grade vinyl and bonded nylon thread for the stitching and front piping of the plugs. Linking nylon lanyards are attached to all plugs, and a "remove before flight" flag is attached to the lanyard between the right and left plugs. As an added safety feature, two bright red visibility flags are connected to each plug, which can be seen from the cockpit, and the linking lanyards are made to go over a prop blade, which will eject the plugs if overlooked on the preflight.


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