AeroLED Sunspot 95 Watt Landing Light Kit RV-10/14/14A

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The Brightest Sunspot LED Landing Lights

LED Landing light kits are available for the RV-10 and RV-14/14A.
One kit contains one light - order 2 kits if you wish to have lights in both wings.

Kit contains one AeroLED Sunspot 36 Landing light (PAR 36 size, 11,000+ Lumens, draws 95w), and associated brackets and hardware to install in either the Left or Right wing of an RV-10 or RV-14/14A.
Builders who wish to install these lights in the RV-10 will need to order the RV-10 lens kit also. This includes the lenses and brackets that are included in the RV-14/14A wing kits. This kit contains parts and lenses for BOTH wings.


Used in these kits
RV-10, RV-14, RV-14A
  • (1) BAG 638 view
    • (2) AN3-4A view
    • (0.005) AN470AD3-3 view
    • (4) AN515-6R12 view
    • (1) AT6-058X5/16X4 view
    • (1) ES 320559 view
    • (2) ES 320619 view
    • (1) ES 36152 view
    • (4) K1000-06 view
    • (1) MS21919WDG3 view
    • (2) NAS1149F0332P view
    • (4) PLASTIC TIE WRAP 4" view
  • (1) DWG OP-52A view
  • (1) LL-00008 95W view
  • (1) W-00016A view
  • (1) W-00016B view
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