Active Noise-Reduction Headsets from Lightspeed Aviation

Van's is proud to partner with Lightspeed Aviation to offer their industry-leading headsets including the new DELTA ZULU headset, Lightspeed's top-of-the-line headset with the latest features and technology. Incorporating unique features enhancing safety, comfort, and convenience, it is the choice of aviators looking to invest in a high-quality ANR aviation headset built for longevity and with unsurpassed attention to detail. We also offer the Zulu 3 headset, which provides excellent ANR performance and comfort for all-day use in a variety of noise environments, and Lightspeed's value-priced Sierra headset.

Discover the new DELTA ZULU

with Dual GA plugs
with LEMO (panel-powered) plug

Delta Zulu Headset


Discover the Zulu 3

with Dual GA plugs

Zulu 3 Headset


Discover Sierra

with Dual GA plugs

Sierra Headset



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