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The Complete Builders Resource Tool

KitLog Pro software is an organizational tool that will allow the builder to create, maintain, display, and archive the complete building process. Simple journal entries and photo placement to each entry will create a detailed, printable journal for inspections, air shows, reference, or even aid in the resale of your aircraft.

Complete aircraft information: Name, make, type, serial number, engine, etc.
Daily journal entries accompanied with pictures, descriptions, and build time.
Customizable categories for entries can be viewed separately. Engine, Avionics, Airframe, etc.
Detailed weight and balance calculator.
Expense section to keep track of costs, such as kits, parts, tools, supplies, etc.
All entries can be printed in notebook format for display or inspection.
Reference materials: FAA Advisory Circulars helpful for building and testing aircraft.
All required FAA forms for inspection.

Computer System Requirements
Kitlog Pro requires 32-bit or 64-bit running Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/2000 or XP. and a minimum screen resolution of 800x600, although 1024x768 or greater is highly recommended. A broadband connection to the Internet is also highly recommended. (Kitlog Pro 2.x is not supported by Windows 95/98/ME or NT.) There are currently no plans for a Mac version although Kitlog Pro will run fine using Parrellels or Bootcamp.

Complete installation instructions come with the CD-ROM, along with technical support from the software manufacturer should you require it. No returns, or refunds will be allowed on opened software.

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