Maintenance Handbook for RV Aircraft - by Vic Syracuse

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Maintenance handbook and inspection guide by a leading expert! Spiral bound, with color photos.

RV inspection and maintenance guru (and builder) Vic Syracuse is always sought after for his knowledge, experience, and expertise. This 140+ page book takes you through many topics and potential "gotchas" that RV owners need to know about when maintaining and inspecting their airplanes. Vic says if you use his book, it will be almost as good as having him look over your shoulder. It's also a terrific resource for any mechanic who works on RV airplanes.

What to look for, how to repair it - we think you'll find it useful each and every time you use it. It may just be the smartest $69.95 you spend this year!

We've received a couple hundred copies to start, but don't worry - when we run out, we'll get more and fulfill backorders as quickly as they come in!

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