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406MHz ELT

Accepts GPS position input data from King/Garmin/NMEA 0183 GPS.
Antenna is swept back 20 degrees, and features a molded plastic base.
5 watts @ 406 MHz for 24 hours, and 100Mw @ 121.5MHz for 48 hours.
New simple plug in audible alert indicator.
New lithium battery pack offers a 5 year battery life, and makes it substantially lighter.
The E-04 ELT is a direct replacement for the E-01 ELT making replacement of the older 121.5MHz ACK type easy.
Complete Install Kit: transmitter, lithium battery pack, external antenna, remote control, mounting tray, retaining straps, plug in audible alert, remote cable, coax cable, install manual.
Registration of this ELT is required with NOAA for USA users. You will advise NOAA your N number, home address, phone numbers, airplane color & serial number (kit or builder number). There is no charge for NOAA service.
For non-USA Registered users, check your national regulations with the local Civil Aviation Authority prior to order. To ship your ELT, we must program it with your airplane’s 24-bit Hex Code (Mode S Code) provided by your country’s registration authority. Please contact our Shipping Department to determine available shipping options. shipping@vansaircraft.com

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