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4 Channel Cockpit Light Controller

For those builders who need more extensive cockpit lighting than the basic dimmer. The LC-50 Lighting Controller is a Low Cost Four-Channel Light Dimming System for Experimental Aircraft.

LC-50 Advanced Dimmer Includes:
Four Control Pots, Wiring, Mounting Hardware and Instructions.

The LC-50 adds the ability to dim devices that will not dim with pulse width modulation (see list below). It also adds rate and offset adjustments for each channel. This allows exact matching of dimming behavior for each channel. Multiple light groups can then be controlled by a single knob.

The LC-50 Features:

  • Four independent channels
  • 1.5 amps per channel (typically up to 18 post lights per channel)
  • "Master Bright" switch allows all or selected channels to be joined and controlled by a single knob
  • Low frequency Pulse Width Modulation control eliminates bulky heatsinks
  • Capable of dimming LED panel lights
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • Compact design (2.4 X 1.8") mounts easily
  • "Bi-Linear" response gives the pilot more sensitivity at the dim end of the range where it is needed most
  • Two Analog outputs for dimming these devices:
    • Garmin 400/500 series Radios
    • Garmin GTX 327/330 Transponders
    • Garmin GMA 347 Audio Panel
    • Garmin Displays G900X, G950, G1000 etc.
    • Tru-Trak ADI Pilot
    • Tru-Trak Pictorial Pilot
    • Newer PS Engineering Audio Panels
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