2023 Van's Wall Calendars

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2023 Van's Aircraft Calendar
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Order your Van's Aircraft 2023 Wall Calendars now, before they're all gone! There are still a few left!

A year's worth of RV images - PLUS a chance to win amazing Van's Aircraft items!

Van’s 2023 calendars make great gifts. We’ve kept prices low for gifting to everyone's non-RV friends, too! And, to spice things up a bit for the holiday season we're randomly inserting 65 GOLDEN TICKETS into this year's calendars. We're printing 5,000 calendars, so your odds of getting a GOLDEN TICKET in any given calendar are pretty great (compared to Vegas odds, anyhow)! The GOLDEN TICKETS will be redeemable for:

  • A certificate that can be traded for a guaranteed "slot" in the first 100 RV-15 serial numbers assigned (two winners) (and no, we're not taking kit orders or reservations, nor have a date for doing so - yet!)
  • $750 off any new Van's tail/emp kit order (one winner)
  • $250 off any new Van's tail/emp kit order (five winners)
  • $100 Van's gift certificate (ten winners)
  • Van's Light Box Sign Kit (four winners)
  • Winner's choice of Van's apparel item from our store (44 winners)

Our goal is to get these calendars into your hands and up on your walls, and on the walls of people who are not (yet!) into RVs! We want to make it easy and fun to give these calendars as gifts by reducing the cost to you, especially when you order in volume (see below).

PRICE: $7.00 gets you an amazing 2023 calendar delivered to your door. If you order five or more calendars, your price per calendar drops (see below). Bulk pricing for 5-10 calendars is $6.50 each, 11+ are $6.00 apiece! And, shipping is included (please see the shipping notes below).

COMBINED ORDER NOTICE: Free shipping is for calendars only. If your calendar order includes non-calendar items, shipping will be charged.  Parts orders that also include calendars will be held until all items are available (including the calendar). If you don’t want to wait for your non-calendar items, please create separate orders - no exceptions!

Choosing the correct shipping option for calendars: When your order includes only calendars, please select "United States Postal Service (USPS)" with the default of "Domestic: Regular." Expedited and other types of shipping are available, but if you choose any of the expedited options you will be charged the associated shipping cost.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: We've worked to build international shipping coverage into the calendar prices, but in the event international shipping costs for your order exceed the reasonable shipping amount we've built into these prices, Van's will contact you to discuss any additional shipping fees for your order.

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