RV-14/14A Remote Canopy Release Kit

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Emergency Cable Kit

Option to relocate the RV-14/14A remote canopy jettison handle from the instrument panel, per RV-14 plans section OP-63.

This optional kit for the RV-14 and RV-14A provides the owner an alternate method for installing the canopy release hardware if the original canopy jettison handle cannot be installed in the instrument panel due to the aircraft's desired avionics configuration.

This kit will allow the builder to locate the canopy jettison handle in the aircraft center console, in one of two locations, as shown in the images and in the OP-63 assembly instructions. This kit includes the parts needed for both configuration options.

Used in these kits
RV-14, RV-14A
  • (1) BAG 2740 view
    • (0.01) AN426AD3-3.5 view
  • (1) BAG 3360 view
    • (2) AN315-3R view
    • (1) AN320-3 view
    • (0.005) AN470AD4-3
    • (4) AN526C832R6 view
    • (1) AN931-4-12 view
    • (1) CT A-740 CABLE CLAMP view
    • (1) F-01452D view
    • (4) K1000-06 view
    • (2) MS21051-L06 view
    • (4) MS21051-L08 view
    • (1) MS24665-132 view
    • (5) NAS1149F0332P view
    • (8) RIVET LP4-3 view
    • (1) VA-181-1 view
  • (1) CT A-1770 view
  • (1) F-01452B view
  • (1) F-01452C view
  • (1) F-14193 view
  • (1) MANUAL-14 SECTION OP-63
  • (1) TOOL-00092 view
Customer Questions
I have a flying 14-A. Already installed is the pull bar to the canopy, but it is not hooked up through the panel. Would this kit hook up to that, or would it be removed and connected directly.

This installation replaces the “T” handle that would typically be installed through the instrument panel. If the standard “T” handle has been installed this will require the WD-618-1 be repositioned and drilled on the WD-619 to install this remote mechanism...

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